• September 26, 2020

Our Poll Numbers Show That RZA Beat DJ Premier On ‘Verzuz’

 Our Poll Numbers Show That RZA Beat DJ Premier On ‘Verzuz’


We ran a survey on the show in Baltimore Sunday (April 12) to pick a winner of Verzuz. The Instagram Live show had nearly 1 million viewers as RZA battled with DJ Premier.

The survey indicated that RZA had won the battle.

Now, keep in mind this isn’t a million answers or anything. In fact, it’s not even a hundred. But of those that did answer, majority say that RZA had won the historic clash of hip hop titans. That was so dramatic, let’s get to the numbers.

Let’s head over to Instagram:

unnamed (8)

Verzuz is powerful.

With everyone under quarantine, the quest for content has been potent.

Swizz Beatz and Timbaland stepped up to the plate and began battling on Instagram Live. Whether you’re into music, production, or music production, watching these two hip hop heavyweights play some of their best hits was a moment. Especially because they more than likely played one of your favorite artists.

The initial show would lead to series and we’ve been enjoying every moment of it. Great episodes like #RZAvsPremo actually educate the game and remind the world of what hip hop is. For other young people like me (had to remind myself), it was a education session between two of hip hop’s most talented.

Verzuz is powerful and can be a tool to teach the game lessons in hip hop. If you missed the battle, here it is below.

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