• October 1, 2020

7 Snacks To Help Keep You Energized & Focused Around The Clock

 7 Snacks To Help Keep You Energized & Focused Around The Clock


Working from home can be draining. We get it and we understand, but don’t panic! These 7 snacks might serve as a bit of a remedy:

7. Strawberries

Alisa Anton

Along with it’s reputation for fighting cancer, did you know that Strawberries actually improve eye sight? Yes, me either, honey. Don’t forget that it’s sweet and juicy nature also makes for a great source of energy. 

6. Almonds

Juan José Valencia Antía

They’re everyone’s best friend! These small nuts are notorious for brain power. It’s not quite the ‘limitless’ but if we could choose something that was close to it; definitely Almonds. Get your energy and focus, SNATCHED. 

5.  Carrots

Harshal Hirve

The beauty of carrots are that they do so much for you and are so easy to tote around or eat with another dish. One cup of Carrots can give you 6 times the daily need of Vitamin A. Oh, and not to mention they help your vision! 

4. Sunflower Seeds


(Somebody who runs this site actually is a Sunflower Seed fiend) Seeds keep your energy high throughout consumption. Give it a try but be careful! 

3. Green Tea

Drew Taylor

Did you know that Green Tea actually strengthens the immune system as well? Everybody loves Green Tea and for good reason! It’s packed with antioxidants to boosts your energy production. 

2. Dark Chocolate

Michał Grosicki

This is my favorite! I’m a chocolate fiend and it’s no secret. While I know that in moderation, milk chocolate is ‘ok’, I’ve always been nervous about over indulging because the gut will start to form. However, would you believe that dark chocolate is actually good for you? A bar a day may help kick the candy/milk chocolate addiction and not to mention it gives you a ton of antioxidants. 

1. Water 

Izzy Gerosa

Now, I tried to really not be cliche’ with this list but somethings are literally- simple. It’s no secret that just like any other deficiency you may have in your temple, water can save the day. It’ll help speed up your metabolism, give you some energy, and fill your stomach so that you won’t need to eat any junk.  

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