• September 30, 2020

Joe Burrow Is the Most NFL-Ready Quarterback In Tonight’s Draft

 Joe Burrow Is the Most NFL-Ready Quarterback In Tonight’s Draft

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We are just hours away from the 2020 NFL draft. This collection of incoming athletes is one of the most exciting I’ve seen. Leading the way is the 6’4 quarterback from LSU, Joe Burrow, who is expected to be the no. 1 pick.

Burrow put up 5,671 yards in his Heisman-winning senior season at LSU. He threw for 60 touchdowns and only threw 6 interceptions. Straight out of Athens, Ohio, Burrow is quite the star at the no.1 spot in this year’s draft. It’s projected that he will get drafted at number one to the Cincinnati Bengals. According to reports, “Cincy” is welcoming him with open arms.

ESPN reported Thursday (April 23) that the Bengals have been turning down trade offers for the pick. The Dolphins have reportedly been calling the Bengals to ask about trade possibilities but the team seems pretty set on drafting at number one.

Or, maybe they just haven’t heard the right offer yet. 

No matter what, Burrow is quite the talent as tonight’s top pick. In the little bit of his work that I’ve seen, I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the poise that Burrow embodies. Granted, I’m no NFL expert or anything. I just cannot wait to see what Burrow does for the Bengals. His talent can certainly elevate a Bengals roster who has under-performed in recent years. We will remember this number one pick for decades to come.

Here’s some highlights from his memorable Heisman 2019-20 season. I’m imagining these highlights in a Bengals uniform.

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