• October 30, 2020

Analysis: Does Video Game Stimulation Improve Daily Decision Making?

 Analysis: Does Video Game Stimulation Improve Daily Decision Making?

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My mind has begun to wonder about what gaming does for us.

Honestly, I spend at least 2 hours a day in front of my Playstation 4. Thanks to Playstation Now, I have quite the collection of video games. To be honest, I only play Madden though. My girlfriend will tell you, I create an entirely different world in Madden’s Connected Franchise mode and manage the organization through the headaches of the NFL.

Problem solving, team building, exercise of creativity, financial management, and organizational skill building are all things I experience playing games. So, could this be good?

I’m no researcher so I’m simply spit balling here. But, if I’m able to build those skills during a video game session, gaming surely has an affect on my life. Spending a few minutes trying to manage a $50 Million budget on a video game is certainly a simulation of something. Learning how to mesh different player types and personnel has to have some sort of positive affect on my leadership and team building skills. Leading a team through the pressures of a 4th quarter battle certainly improves my motor skills and focus.

You see where I’m going here. 

LeBron, can you tell them?

Ok, may you don’t believe me but what about LeBron James? It’s common knowledge that the current “King” of the NBA is an avid 2K gamer. His friends get completely annoyed when playing against him because of how “realistic” he plays. It may not be as fun as just tossing shots up, but King James plays the game as close as possible to the real thing. He says it allows him to game plan and study for his real-life NBA matches.

Before igniting the new-look Lakers, LeBron wanted to get a preview of what playing with Anthony Davis would look like. He posted the video on his socials with the caption, “doing some homework.”

James addresses his realistic play style and how it bothers his friends. “I play just like I play in real life on video games, which really makes a lot of my friends upset” he shared. “They expect me to shoot every time, and I don’t.”

LeBron using 2K to game plan for real-life NBA action is proof that detailed gaming can improve our daily life. Well, it’s a conclusion that doesn’t have many supporting facts but given the fact that LeBron is as successful as he is, hopefully that accounts for something.

I wonder how starting the day with video games affects our days?

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