• September 27, 2020

Rap Snacks Launches Stock Market Simulation App To Boost Financial Literacy

 Rap Snacks Launches Stock Market Simulation App To Boost Financial Literacy

Photo: Black Enterprise/James Lindsay


Rap Snacks CEO James Lindsay made his dream come true. He wanted to merge his loves for music and food. The company has inspired millions of black minds and now the popular potato chip brand is boosting financial literacy.

The philanthropic branch of the company named The Boss Up Foundation has launched the Stock Boss Up app. It’s an application that allows users to simulate investments without using their own money. The idea behind it is that just like many other things, practice makes perfect. Imagine being able to use some “play” money to get familiar with the market.

Someone’s going to learn something. This is dope. 

Users can use $1 million (play money) to make some investments within the real-time market. Essentially, you’ll be able to track stock trends and invest according to those. Just like the real thing! “Our community is dedicated to helping investors perform well in the stock market by using the wisdom of the crowd,” the app shares on its site. “Our community strives to have fun while teaching members how to improve portfolio performance. ”

It looks like users will be given the opportunity to choose a group to join. After choosing that group, they’ll be able to make investment picks within the group. Others are then allowed to comment and discuss your investment. The app monitors the success of your investment and compiles all of your investments into a portfolio. Everyone has their own portfolio and the results are compared within the groups.

Grab app on IOS or Google Play. Also, check out the site for more details. Kudos to Rap Snacks for helping the community.

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