• October 23, 2020

Introducing ‘Fan Pods’: Ticketmaster’s Answer To Concerts During the Pandemic

 Introducing ‘Fan Pods’: Ticketmaster’s Answer To Concerts During the Pandemic

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The coronavirus has cancelled concerts across the entire world. As a result, Ticketmaster’s “Fan Pods” may be the future of live music as we seek a new normal. It will certainly take some getting used to.

Billboard reports that country-rock band Bishop Gunn will be one of the first live concerts since the pandemic. The May 15th show will take place in Arkansas and will be one of the first “socially-distanced” concerts. Fans will pack out head to┬áthe TempleLive venue to witness the show. The venue’s 1,100 capacity seating has been reduced to 229 seats. Face masks will be required to attend the event and thanks to capitalism, they will be on sale at the show.

“There will be a 10-person limit on each bathroom and all soap and paper towel dispensers will be no touch. All beverages at the event will be prepackaged or have lids,” writes Taylor Mims of Billboard. “Fans will also have to get their temperature taken when they arrive and employees will be actively wiping down touch points in the venue and restrooms. Per Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, fans will be directed by venue staff through one-way walk ways to maintain socially distancing throughout the event.”

And, for the show? Fan pods.

The 229 seats will be six feet apart for each grouping. Ticketmaster is calling this set up “Fan Pods”. Get familiar because it may be how we still can enjoy live music.

Personally, I’d prefer if I could just experience the thing in Virtual Reality. If it’s presented correctly, I would even pay a little bit for a “virtual ticket”. But, the idea of potentially attending a concert with 228 other people, spaced out around this thousand-seater venue doesn’t sound appetizing to me. It sounds like it’d more so remind me that we are facing some dark times.

I’m pretty sure that professionals will find a way to make it look and feel grand. However, I think the music industry can cover more ground if it were to focus on virtual experiences.



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