• November 30, 2020

61% of Surveyed Went Out More Than Usual Last Weekend

 61% of Surveyed Went Out More Than Usual Last Weekend



Our survey for this past weekend’s show (May 17) asked listeners whether they stayed in quarantine. 61% say that they went out more than usual.

It’s not a shocker nor much of a surprise. The streets were lined with people and before I get judgmental, I have to acknowledge that I was out too. While i recognize that there are somethings that we just need to leave the house for, I’m also not too naive to believe that more people were out because more things were open.

It’s uncomfortable, at least to me. But the world is forcing these doors to be open. I’m anticipating even more foot traffic this weekend as all 50 states are projected to relax social-distancing restrictions. It seems the states will continue to open despite a recent CNN report that cases have risen in 17 states since “re-opening”.

The results.

Majority of the Twitter family decided to stay in this weekend. 64% of those surveyed on Twitter said they did not go out of the house more than usual this past weekend. On Instagram, the results were nearly the total opposite.

86% of those surveyed on Instagram did go out of the house more than usual this past weekend.

It’s about comfort but more about COVID.

“We’ll see whether people feel comfortable going back to restaurants. Maybe there will be more takeout. The world will change,” Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont shared with CNN.

It will be interesting to see whether civilians will feel comfortable in public. Many establishments have had to make drastic changes to remain open. These changes are hard to ignore when you’re trying to enjoy a Taco at your favorite restaurant but someone coughs. Or, imagine looking around the room at a fine dining eatery and seeing other guests with their masks on. It will serve as a reminder to me that there is a threat looming and I would instantly feel uncomfortable with being out.

It’s just human nature.

The only thing more pivotal than that is the understanding that this virus is deadly and it will be consistent. As I’ve expressed before, just because we are bored doesn’t make the coronavirus non-deadly. The virus doesn’t care about our comfort.

Thanks for participating in the survey!

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