• November 27, 2020

Could the XFL Return? Here’s How the Bankrupt League Could Re-Boot

 Could the XFL Return? Here’s How the Bankrupt League Could Re-Boot

Sports Illustrated/XFL

The XFL was a business who was a casualty of the coronavirus. In April, the re-booted spring football league filed for bankruptcy. Like many other companies during this pandemic, the league was unable to survive the new climate.

A little over a month later and things are still shut down. There has been a nasty legal battle between the league and its CEO Oliver Luck.  There’s been a few good posts from other fans of the league as well but other than the lawsuit, the league has been dormant.

You may not have been around for my articles on the league but I loved the XFL. It was certainly a great attempt at providing a different football product. Something other than the, NFL. You know?

After filing for bankrptcy you would expect the league’s offices to close as well. You’d expect for all league operations to halt and we would move on. But, some of the leagues offices are still open. The league’s headquarters is still opening and some key executives are still getting paid. Actively paid. The XFL also announced plans to refund season ticket holders who didn’t get finish their investment due to the coronavirus shortening the 2020 season.

A move they didn’t really have to do. In fact, most business wouldn’t do it. Unless they’re still trying to keep these fans on board for whatever reason.

An article from UPROXX suggests that the league could be re-booted by Vince McMahon himself. It suggests that he may looking to re-purchase the league at a lower price. (aka bankrupt) “Some creditors to the XFL think McMahon is actually trying to force a quick sale of the defunct league’s assets to him in an attempt to reboot the rebooted league once again when the coast is clear,” the article writes.

Dan Kaplan of the Athletic details it perfectly:
“Is Vince McMahon trying to buy his own XFL out of Delaware bankruptcy court? The XFL’s creditors seem to think so, and sources said XFL president Jeffrey Pollack has called venues in St. Louis and Seattle about reinstating the lease agreements.”

Color me “happy”.

I enjoyed the XFL.

It was a great experience that offered some variety of my favorite sport, football. The pandemic claimed hundreds of thousands of lives world-wide. It also took away some of businesses that we know and love. In the case of the XFL, it took away a business that we were beginning to fall in love with.

Hopefully we’ll get a chance to continue to fall in love with the league.


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