• October 30, 2020

It’s Time To Cancel the “Cancel Culture”

 It’s Time To Cancel the “Cancel Culture”

“Rules”/Doja Cat

Cancel culture.

It’s a courtroom with no attorneys, bailiffs, or judges. The jury deliberates in the same room that hears the case. Evidence? Not necessary here. Motive? Back story? Not necessary.

The plaintiff is wrong, no matter what. Court adjourned.

That example played out better in my mind but you get the point. Over the years, our culture has developed an affinity for destruction insomuch that the idea of destroying others is “exciting”, to some. It’s so exciting that the hatred needed to thoroughly destroy someone becomes contagious. Like a thief in the night, popular opinion robs someone of their success.

Many stars like Michael Jackson, Jay Z, and others have been the targets of this unruly courtroom. The most recent case concerns upcoming star Doja Cat and allegations of racism. It’s rumored that Doja was “active” in a private chatroom where she was allegedly making racist remarks. She has since released a statement on her Instagram.


Everyone’s an idiot.

Even worse, we’re idiots who have a lot to say about what we are ill-informed of. Welcome to “Cancel Culture.”

I understand the domino effect of negative information on social media and I understand the implications that can be made once we get to know these celebrities. However, I’ll never understand the desire to destroy someone’s career.

Back to the idiot thing, sorry.

Information is a beautiful thing because it organizes a story. Great information is usually at the base of some of our biggest discoveries. Unfortunately, that knowledge of information’s power holds zero weight in the arena of “cancel culture”. What I’ve noticed is that people simply retweet, comment, or share information that they cannot even verify as the truth. I believe that the shock value of certain stories and headlines is enough to persuade some opinions. The desire to want to know the full story is fleeting.

Something that I’ve had to work on myself.

“Cancel Culture”, “Peanut Gallery”, and “Idiots” are synonymous. Some entertainers do not deserve to be in the spotlight, that I can abide. Where I differ from “Cancel Culture” is that I do research before I choose to “cancel” someone.

Stars are human, too.

If we continue to hold them to the unfair standard of perfection, we’ll push them all away. We’ll drive them crazy. We’ll drain their confidence and instead of being passionately plugged into their craft, their careers will simply become about defending themselves.

I can’t imagine artists being excited about releasing their work to angry mobs of people who aren’t even able to articulate their frustrations. It’s draining to witness so I can only imagine how draining it is for the entertainers.

Transforming the culture.

I have a vision that we’ll morph into a culture who is able to hold our stars accountable. Now, that accountability requires the uncanny ability to thoroughly research topics and hold our stars to a standard of decency; with facts.

Social media is still is in its infant days. Like a high school student speeding down the highway in his/her graduation gift; we just don’t know what to do with our new toy. So many social media trends happen ignorantly and I really think that sometimes, we don’t realize what we are doing.

Praying for us.


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