• October 21, 2020

Denzel Washington On Chadwick Boseman: “He Lived a Full Life.”

 Denzel Washington On Chadwick Boseman: “He Lived a Full Life.”

It’s been a couple of weeks since we lost Chadwick Boseman. The Hollywood star died at the age of 43 after a 4 year battle with Colon cancer. It’s no secret that he certainly was a talented soul and many of his colleagues say that was just the beginning of who he was.

Following Chad’s private home-going service this past week, Hollywood legend Denzel Washington is the latest to speak on Chadwick’s light. During the virtual Toronto International Film Festival, Washington shared how proud his was to see Black Panther for the first time. “I went backstage [at the BP premiere] and I saw Chad and I saw Ryan Coogler, and then I watched the movie and I remember shedding a tear, because I thought, man, these young guys are gone. Like they’d taken over,” he shared. “He didn’t get cheated. We did. I pray for his poor wife and his family. They got cheated, but he lived a full life.”

ET Canada goes into detail about Denzel’s comments. Still thankful for the joy that Chadwick brought us and let’s continue to pray for his family.

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