• October 26, 2020

President Trump To Leave Walter Reed: “Not Out of the Woods,” Doctors Say

 President Trump To Leave Walter Reed: “Not Out of the Woods,” Doctors Say

It was announced yesterday that POTUS Trump may be discharged from Walter Reed Medical Center, Monday. As we anticipate his release, you can’t help but wonder about the health implications of his release.

The latest is below.

  • Shortly after 3:00PM Monday, Trump’s medical team briefed reporters on the steps of Walter Reed Medical Center.
  • Comm. Conley suggests that Trump is still “not out of the woods”.Will be monitored from the White House.
  • Medical staff chose not to share details of Trump’s chest scans.
  • Would not comment whether they agreed with Trump’s downplaying of Coronavirus as he told Americans not to let it “dominate” their lives.

It’s sickening to see Trump’s remarks on Twitter after word spread of his release. He recklessly told Americans not to fear COVID, words that could echo some of his supporters into their graves.

It’s even more sickening to see that as he tweeted those words, America has surpassed the 210,000 COVID-19 death mark.

“Not out of the woods”

“Though he may not be entirely out of the woods yet, the team and I agree that all his evaluations, and most importantly, his clinical status support his return home where he’ll be surrounded by world class medical care 24/7,” Comm. Conley said.

Watching the presser, it did feel as though the staff was dodging the facts but that’s what they are supposed to do in this situation. I will agree that before POTUS, he is a patient first so he is afforded the same liberties of privacy. However, he also is the Commander in chief and as a citizen of his governance, I’d love a little detail and assurance of his condition.

Wishing the best for POTUS Trump and FLOTUS.

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