• November 29, 2020

Jessie Karangu Joins BW:Life To Talk “No Perfect Candidate”

 Jessie Karangu Joins BW:Life To Talk “No Perfect Candidate”

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The election season landed heavy, didn’t it?

Another 4 years has passed and it is officially that time again. What we do today can re-shape our country for decades to come. It’s a heightened time for all of us, honestly. We’ve been bombarded with all sorts of political advertising from every candidate in every race. Some of the advertising has been tough to digest because of how damning they get against each other.

It kinda starts to feel like we’re looking for the perfect candidate. In the information age of attention, the search for perfect candidacy hurts everyone. Everyone’s stained and everyone loves to hear about stuff like that. The negativity powers some people but good candidates get stained as well.

It got me wanting to reach out to my good friend and political analyst, Jessie Karangu, to talk about it.

The Take

Like Jessie pointed out, some of greatest heroes in history weren’t perfect. With the messy fights of the political world, stay grounded in what’s right and what’s wrong. In food fights everyone looks like a loser, or a winner.

Only the people who were there and in the trenches know who won. Get in the trenches and really know your candidate and their flaws.

Hear the podcast.

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