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Handling a Full Plate: “To Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Required”

On episode 136 of Brian’s World we talk about the responsibilities of blessings. Our prayers are lined with all sorts of needs and desires. With those blessings comes all sorts of requirements that sometimes fatigue us.

I’ve found that on those days that fatigue us, remaining attached to a “true view” of life at-large allows us to create more energy to keep pursuing our successes.

The “North Star”

Just like the brightest star in the sky, I use a ‘North Star’ to navigate the darkness of feeling overwhelmed. It acts as beacon of light, continuously pushing me in the direction I need to go.

Some “North Stars in my life:

  • The example of my father’s work ethic.
  • Practicing for the man I want to become.
  • Purpose

Finding the Calm Among Chaos

For me, being silent helps calm me down. My initial reaction to chaos is to act. I want to talk about it, move the boulder and build the bridge. In some cases I elect to act before I think and don’t allow myself enough time to truly curate a firm response to the chaos.

To get better at finding the calm among the chaos I encourage myself to be silent. How do you handle it?

Good People Make Good Moments Greater

My busiest days felt impossible because the people around me weighed me down. The wrong people around us are the ones who add tasks and pressure to the already full plate that sits before us on busy days.

On the contrary, having people around us who always seek to lend a helping hand are the ones who make good moments greater. Those people are worth it all.

These are just three of my favorite things that I covered on Episode 136. Attention to detail, living outside of time, and more are all on episode 136. Hear it inside.