An Injection of Genuine Love: Staying Warm Through the Pandemic

 An Injection of Genuine Love: Staying Warm Through the Pandemic

Betty Hyatt Park/Brian’s World

I’ve found that I am actually affected by the pandemic. Something about being surrounded by death and despair has finally taken its toll on my mind. In the beginning, I would act as if I could continue life how it was and make incremental adjustments without alarming my psyche.

I know, sounds crazy. Never mentioned anything about sanity in my bio though.

For whatever reason, my trigger reaction to the magnitude of pain and darkness that we’ve experienced is to pretend it doesn’t exist. Meanwhile, the bloody reality of humanity’s fight against an invisible enemy cripples my daily tasks. I spent months fighting off the thoughts and their heaviness. I began writing the same sentences over and over, trying to clear my mind of the clutter. Sometimes, I would have full conversations with others only to realize that I was never there in the first place. Things that I thought I’d never forget somehow became a struggle to recall, sometimes.

Holding on to my identity and purpose finally became a struggle. It forced me to realize what’s important in life; love.

It’s cheesy and it’s corny but it’s true.

What I’ve noticed about myself is how much lighter I’ve felt as I began to focus on recharging my life with love. It became apparent that I actually do have good people around me who want to not only see me succeed, but also want to be there for me. Often times, we allow daily tasks to distract us from that reality. We tend to forget that at the end of the day, all we’ve really got is each other.

In the eyes of one of the most difficult times in human history, all we’ve got is love. There will be a day where the distractions that make us happy will no longer be available. Our favorite stores and places to escape to have all closed down in the name of public safety. We can’t punch a ticket or stamp a passport to get away from our troubles. Happy Hour with friends has become drinking alone but in front of a computer.

Things have certainly changed.

But without the distractions, I can hear the love in every phone conversation with friends. I can feel the warmth in my neighbor’s courtesy, knocking on my door to warn me about police writing parking tickets. Or, the genuine concern of the manager at my local Panera Bread who insisted on offering me lunch after I discovered that I left my card at home. Yes, I discovered that after I made my order.

No matter the situation, the pandemic has been tough on us all. I do believe that without the distractions of “normalcy”, facing this new lifestyle is scary at first but heals before long. Now that our distractions have been stripped at the hands of Mother Nature, don’t hesitate to substitute them with good vibes and genuine love.

That is something that can never be crippled, no matter how strong the virus is.

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