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Behind The Lines of Fatherhood: The Men of “MBK” Share the Secrets of Being a Dad

Father’s Day weekend is one of the brightest in my world. Though I’m not a father, it brings me joy to see so many of friends growing into phenomenal dad’s and men of integrity. We have two of those men joining the show today for a detailed look into the world of fatherhood and the decisions that it begs you to make. 

Today, we welcome back Jay Julien and Miguel Sierra for our conversation. These two men have been doing phenomenal work with their men’s healing group, My Brother’s Keeper, and they’re no strangers to tough topics. The view of fatherhood has long been clouded by all sorts of unfair commentary of emotionally unavailable fathers but very few have a true idea of what it’s like to be a dad.

The goal here isn’t to address those thoughtless conclusions; the goal of episode 161 is to hear from two fathers about how they assume the responsibilities of fatherhood daily. What are the ups? What are the downs? How does it feel to be a father? All questions that we will answer today. 

Please welcome Jay Julien and Miguel Sierra.