16th & Love


I don’t know where to start. 

For me it’s always been bigger than radio, writing, or music. Even in my early days of dreaming I’ve always been all about the people. In fact, every stage of my career has been anchored by a passion for people. What became inherently difficult for me was learning how to fully develop my vision. I’ve had a couple of failed businesses and I’ve been fired publicly. I’ve stretched myself thin in pursuit of this vision and it wasn’t that the vision isn’t possible; it just needed guidance and humility. 

I’ve shed the big teams and I’ve narrowed down my wide vision. Now, I nurture one thing and one thing only; my passion for people. 

You see, a major part of why I’m alive is to help kids behind me develop their passions for media and the arts. I’ve met children in Buffalo who wanted to do what I was doing but had no one in their corner. I’ve talked to kids in Indianapolis who thought that the streets were the only option for their lives. They would ask me about what I do all day at the radio station. They wanted to know where I went to school and how could they do the same thing. I’ve talked to kids and parents in Baltimore who want more for their futures. 

It’s always been shocking to me to see the headlines about radio’s death because I don’t see it. I hear the stories of radio’s future; I have legit met these kids who want to continue the journey of trustworthy media. They enjoy the music, yes, but I really do think that they have a passion for people. 

Just like I did as a youth. 

As my brand comes full circle and things are now becoming more clear than ever; it’s my goal that we’ll be able to help these kids. I don’t have much money, to be honest with you. I don’t have much time either because I’m working 24/7 to rebuild this brand and get back to where I was as a broadcaster. But, this is the base of my vision. I want to meet these kids at the corner of “16 & Love”.

The Vision

One day, ’16 & Love’ will put 3 kids per semester in college and we will help them bring their media visions to life. I’ve been a young collegiate student with passions of broadcast/media success before and I have colleagues who have done the same. Together, we will make sure that the baton gets passed from one generation to the next because it is my belief that a greater tomorrow begins with our children today. 

I want ’16 & Love’ to hold seminars, banquets, brunches, panels, and campus tours that will open the next generation up to a world of immense possibility. Before each semester, we hold a fundraiser banquet to help fund our scholarship fund. Following the banquet, we will send our kids off to success on their campuses and we will be sure to mentor and guide them on their journey to their bright futures in media.

The vision is simple: let’s feed the leaders of tomorrow’s media industry. These kids are hungry.

I’m not ready, but we will be.

I’m fearless and I’m persistent. Nine times out of ten, if you’re on this website then you share the same sentiments. This is a goal and this is a vision. It’s one that I’m not ready to give birth to because  I need help. Trying to save the world without assembling the Avengers is what nearly has killed me in my career already. 

I want to develop a team. I want to organize a group of people who share the same vision for cultivating the future of media. I want to work 24/7 with this team to help this vision come to life. 

Stay tuned, we will get this accomplished.