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Here’s What We Can Learn From the Billionaire ‘SPace Race’

NASA/Blue Origin Shepard/Flickr

What better way to end Season 6 than on top of the world? 

The last two weeks have been historic for mankind. We’ve seen two billionaires take advantage of the recently privatized industry of space exploration, publicly reaching for the stars. On July 11th, Virgin Group CEO Richard Branson took his Virgin Galactic team into space, making them the first civilians to do so. Then, Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos soared to the stars yesterday (July 20th), making his Blue Origin team the second to do so. Elon Musk’s SpaceX is expected to launch an all-civilian crew into the cosmos later this year. 

For a kid who has always looked up at the stars with wonder, this civilian space race has been a joy to watch. As someone who looks for the deeper story in the moment, it’s been inspirational. It’s easy to ignore the inspiration because they are filthy rich. You know how people treat the filthy rich. But if we look past the money, we see three guys who are achieving the impossible. We learn a valuable lesson of how determination can take you to the stars. We also learn that getting to the moon is actually bigger than ourselves. 

Richard Branson and the Virgin Galactic team began the race.

Then, here’s Blue Origin’s launch and flight.