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Louisiana Artist A1 Da Dawg Talks “Dreams 2 Reality” On 2AM

The blue light is on. It’s time for another 2AM episode. This time, let’s catch a flight down to Arcadia, Louisiana to link up with A1 Da Dawg. He’s preparing for the release of his Mid-June EP Dreams 2 Reality and he stops by to bring us into his world. Not many make it from his hometown, but he’s primed for the journey to success. “You’ve got to be willing to go all in. If you ain’t willing to go all in, it’s not gonna happen,” says A1 while describing his drive. To create generational wealth is his goal and he believes wholeheartedly that it’ll happen this year.

Tap into the latest story of the climb of the artist. You may find some words of encouragement that’ll inspire you. Or, maybe his grit will be contagious. 

Episode 153 – “Dreams To Reality: The Arcadia Story”