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Risks On the Road to Success: AstroMikey Talks AstroCollective, New Music, and More

He’s somewhat of a Nomad.

Though he’s from Virginia, he has traveled the country to connect the dots of his budding career. His name is AstroMikey and we had the pleasure of speaking about his journey in music and the risks he’s taken along the way. Like so many of us, he’s had to take a step back and realize how important it is to lay out a plan for success. “Maybe you need to plan s*** out,” he shared during our interview while recanting a conversation with himself. 

As a “Showman of the Hustle”, you can expect his work-ethic to precede him. It was a pleasure to hear how his story unfolded. The risks that he has taken continue to pay off for the young father who maintains that we cannot be scared to leap. “Take a risk and see where it goes,” says Astro. “You’ve got a lot of life to live so it’s ok to make a few mistakes.” 

Dive into Episode 154 and meet the Nomad, AstroMikey. Get a preview of his upcoming 7-track EP and get timelines for new releases from his AstroCollective. 

Episode 154 ft. AstroMikey