Saved By Radio: The Sunday Afternoon Story

 Saved By Radio: The Sunday Afternoon Story

Brian James at 92Q/WattyView Photography

I thought my passion for radio would dwindle like a beautiful candle in the midst of a hurricane.  But, like the Olympic flame circling the globe, the fire sways under the clouds of my life. 

As the flames have grown throughout my years as a broadcaster, radio has become me and I have become her.  I take the utmost pride in my weekly 8 hours of radio and she still knows where to massage my soul. Some weekends, I come to her bruised and battered from a long week . But, I never leave with the tension I came in with.

She absorbs my pain and recycles that energy to send me back out into the world with a clarity and appreciation for life. I’m thankful for her.

My current show in Baltimore (92Q) brings me joy every weekend. I’ve developed regular callers that I look forward to speaking with every weekend as they welcome me into their lives and share a bit of sunshine. Little do they know that some Sundays, it’s the exact energy that I needed from them. I get the privilege to speak with people from all walks of life and even after 11 years of going in and out of commercial break, the passion for radio still eats me up and serves me to my purpose. 

She still has my heart and forever will.

I reflected about her on Instagram this past weekend. It was one of the roughest weekends I’ve had mentally. From Friday morning to Sunday evening my plate was full. I’m not complaining because I know I’m built for it but this weekend was a heavy load. Put a lot of pressure on the kid, yeah?

But then I went to work and somewhere between the hours of 3PM and 7PM she whispered into my ear:

“the clouds are temporary. Let your concerns fall down your brown skin and bleed through your fingertips as you caress me.”

I did that and it filled me up with love. I thank God for her every single day.

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