• September 27, 2020

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Unredacted White House E-Mail Shows Clear Direction From Trump To

Washington, DC – Sources reveal a new White House e-mail that shows President Trump ordering the end of Ukraine aid. An official from the Office of Budget and Management made it clear that Trump withheld Ukraine aid. The unredacted documents were reviewed by Just Security where Kate Brannen opened her piece with “Clear direction from […]Read More

Illinois Governor Pardons 11,000 Suspects of Low-Level Marijuana Charges

Chicago, IL – Illinois Governor J.B Pritzker issued pardons for 11,000 suspects of low-level marijuana convictions. With Illinois becoming the 11th state to legalize recreational marijuana use, we’re still in the early stages of protocol. Now that the “drug” is legal thousands of prisoners are behind bars for using a now legal substance. That’s not […]Read More

DJ Paul Responds To Juicy J’s Apology For Drug References

Baltimore, MD – DJ Paul responded to Juicy J’s apology for using drug references in music. Over the weekend, Juicy J took to Twitter to apologize for releasing music that may influence drug use. “If I inspired anybody to do drugs I apologize,” Juicy tweeted. Juicy’s friend and colleague, DJ Paul responded to the apology […]Read More

3 Things You Need To Know About the “Historic” Robo-Call

Here are three things you should know about the robo-call (TRACED) act: The bill calls for stiffer fines to companies and individuals for disobeying the rules against robo-calls. Fines reach $10,000 per call. Increases company restrictions against robo-calling using ‘call authentication’ technology. On average, more than 1 billion unwanted robo-calls are made. Washington, DC – […]Read More