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Ziggie FR and the Atlanta that Raised Him: New Music, Family Life & More

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Good conversation, right here. Best way possible to end our week of episodes. Let’s travel back to Atlanta to link up with Ziggie FR just before the release of his self-titled album on June 7th. 

Ziggie FR/Online

He introduced an entirely new perspective to the conversation of music’s power. As bad as I want to share it all right here, I think it’s better if you just hear it for yourself. It was also great to hear how he leads his family and enjoys having a wife and kids. His goal is to take them into a future of generational wealth and satisfy his passion for music in the process. “I went upstairs to my wife. Told her I had been planning on it for two months,” Ziggie recalled during the interview while speaking about the importance of communication in his household, and how he asked his wife about beginning a music career. 

Also, catch an interesting story about the early stages of the Migos and how it relates to Ziggie FR. It’s the weekend so this episode is without edits. Straight talk, no chaser. 

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Episode 158 ft. Ziggig FR